Monday, February 7, 2011


Played with Ben again. This time he had to stand in his stall, tied. He's fidgety- but he's not bad about being tied. Just moves from side to side. the thing is, he knows it to- so if i ask him to move back over, he just does it. when i walk away, he fidgets. He'll learn.

On the longe he did really well- kept his trotting going, and the canter was no problem. He cantered only a few strides each time- but he clearly understands the cue. He'll get better.

None of my tack fits him. Dangit. I thought my Prestige would fit- but it is way too wide right now.  I have to find something quick- really want to ride! I'm thinking of a wintec because it is flat- he needs flat...and it is adjustable to change as he grows and fills out. He should eventually fit into the Prestige.

Off to saddle hunt!

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