Thursday, February 3, 2011

Introducing Ben

Well, the pony has arrived. First words from my friend "wow he's bigger than I thought he'd be!" Haha, I think we are both so used to getting a 14.3 HH horse when it was advertised as 15.2. But this one really is that tall- and he's only coming 3. Methinks he'll be a big boy.

Speaking of big- he's got big bones, a big heart, and a big head. Thus, his name is Ben...for Big Ben...and for Benjamin Franklin, who, as we all know, made some amazing discoveries that helped us all realize that the world is in fact designed with some thought to it. See the connection? Ben's registered name is Conceptionbydesign...

First impressions, other than his size:

  1. He's got an old injury on his left hind leg- inside of his hock. Still scabby towards the middle- I *think* it is cosmetic...doesn't seem to impede his physical ability. Its ugly, though.
  2. He has an interesting breathing pattern. Now, this could be that he was in a new place and maybe nervous and could've been holding his breath both in and out- but i swear I heard some odd breathing. I will monitor that one over the next few days- going to ask him to work a little to see if it gets worse/better.
  3. He's got puffy hind legs. I don't think its a big deal.
  4. He is very sweet and good natured. 
  5. He really didn't want to interact yesterday- he was much more interested in his new digs, esp the salt block and the hay and the water buckets. 
  6. He's curious- in the arena he did need to walk around making several laps inspecting each and every area. He'd do "drive by's" with me- never stopping for anything, but just passing on by, closely, slowing his gait. He's got a GREAT walk.
So, that's really it for now! He is really sweet and I can see the diamond in the rough. He's going to make a very, very nice horse.

Some images from our arena time:

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