Sunday, February 6, 2011


Trying to catch up here- I've been without internet for a few days, and my blogger app wasn't I have a lot to catch up on!

Friday we spent most of our time getting cleaned up and general bonding. Ben was a mud cake- and in some places still is! LOL But after lots of brushing, I think most of the mud is gone. We also tackled the tail- wow he has some serious hair back there! It will need to be washed, and maybe even done today, but I just untangled it. After all the tangles were out it was reaching the floor, so i banged it to keep it out o the muck.
His mane and bridlepath also got some work. Discovered 3 things: 1- Ben doesn't care about clippers- I was able to clip his bridle path with hardly any desensitizing. 2- my clippers are very, very dull and need some TLC, and 3- my solocomb is also dead. As a result, ben's mane did not get shortened- much to the pleasure of KT- but it got braided instead!

We also played in the arena a bit- mostly with longeing and basic handling. He's such a sweetheart. In terms of movement, he never once offered to pace. More to come on that front!

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