Friday, February 4, 2011

My New Love

Ben has a lot of things going for him- but probably the biggest thing is his personality. Oh my goodness. While Piper is sweet in that she has the maturity of a broodmare- she is definitely momma mare, and Tally is sweet sometimes in that she really needs you for stability, this guy is sweet in that he's got not a single bad bone in his body. He loves to be cuddled. He loves to get scritches. Once he sees you are an okay person, he's not about to walk away from you.

This is love.

Over the years I've ridden a lot of horses. I've owned quite a few too. And I've decided something. I don't care how pretty a horse is- if it doesn't have the right attitude, the muscle is not worth it. A pretty head, straight legs, etc- while all nice and kind of important- its those that have the personality that make good horses.

That said- Katie and I also got him moving last night in the arena. He never offered to pace- just trot. Kind of lazy, actually! LOL His trot is beautiful.

So, i'll be working with him over the next week or so to make sure all is well- but I think this one is a keeper :)

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