Thursday, April 26, 2012

Hey Ben, How the Heck Are Ya?!

Man, I suck. Last year I said I was going to blog about owning and retraining an off the track standardbred to show they can be wonderful riding horses.

I started off with great intentions, no one can deny that.

And then I got lazy. Then busy. But mostly lazy.

So here we are, months since my last post. I'll bet you are all wondering if I've given up my project. If I were you, I'd think so too.

I am here to set the record straight. I am a crappy blogger. I'm also a crappy rider.

This leads me to the essence of my blog post- a quarter's worth of updates.

This whole time, Ben has been up in training. Yes, 3 wonderful, expensive months of full training. Those three months would have probably taken me at least 3 years to do myself, if I could ever do it on my own.

Money can't buy everything, but in this case it did.

Ladies and gentleman, I introduce to you Ben 2.0:

Holy S***!