Thursday, October 20, 2011

That Makes Two

Well, Ben has been off for almost a week due to a huge abscess that took hold of his left front hoof. On Saturday he came in from turnout practically 3 legged lame, and his pastern, fetlock and bottom half of cannon was completely swollen. The next day it blew out his heel.

He is pretty much back to normal, just keeping the exit wound clean and letting him move around naturally. Friday I will work with him and see if he might be ready for a lesson on Sunday.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Videos- Don't Laugh!

Ben and I had a dressage lesson yesterday. It was very good- we basically worked on some very basic concepts at both the walk, and then some trot. We were both quite tired at the end of it. Right now it is a lot of work to keep Mr. Ben going!

As I said in one of the videos below- I hope that one day I can look back at these and laugh. This is one horse that makes me feel like I Cannot. Ride.At.All. He's a really big mover, and is behind the leg and has very little stability - which makes me feel like I am thrown all over the place even though I am supposed to be the centered one for us both right now. I will say, watching these videos, it feels much worse than it looks, which gives me hope!

Isn't he the cutest lil Standardbred ever??

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Guest Blogger

Hi Folks. Ben here. Mom said she didn't have time to write updates on me. I told her I'd take care uf it being as I'm not doing much this week. See, the humans here think we horses don't like mud, so they are keeping us inside while they hide it under bunch of roks. I tries to tell them that mud is the very best thing ah-round, but no one listens to a 3 year old. I already has plans to dig it back up when I can get outs there.

Mom said to be sure to tell you alls that she's start giving me stuff to help with my colicks. I dont really know what that is. She says she gots it for a good price, which is important because I am always hungry so I eats a lot of monies.

But back to the more important things. I's doing okay. We have lots of treats and foods stocked up. Last weekend Mom rubbed my butt with this thing she said cost 4 dollars, which at first I thought hey - lets buy more important things like foods...but then she used it on my butt and I said to her - hey go buy 2 more. Best scratches ever, you should buys them for your horses too.