Monday, October 10, 2011

Videos- Don't Laugh!

Ben and I had a dressage lesson yesterday. It was very good- we basically worked on some very basic concepts at both the walk, and then some trot. We were both quite tired at the end of it. Right now it is a lot of work to keep Mr. Ben going!

As I said in one of the videos below- I hope that one day I can look back at these and laugh. This is one horse that makes me feel like I Cannot. Ride.At.All. He's a really big mover, and is behind the leg and has very little stability - which makes me feel like I am thrown all over the place even though I am supposed to be the centered one for us both right now. I will say, watching these videos, it feels much worse than it looks, which gives me hope!

Isn't he the cutest lil Standardbred ever??


  1. He's so cute!

    The gaits do take some getting used to. Whenever we get new volunteers we tell them if they can ride a green STB they can ride just about anything... They're always surprised at how right we are, haha! But it will come with time. :)

  2. I just saw this. My legs feel the burn just watching. These lessons look relatively familiar from not too many months ago. I am always offering to trade some of Tattle's energy for some pokiness but no one can ever take me up on it. If only the technology existed.