Sunday, March 24, 2013

How Am I Not Bald Yet?

From ripping out my hair in frustration. So while I thought our saddle woes were resolved, turns out they were resolved for 1 day and 1 day only.

So here we go again - trying to find a reasonably priced saddle for Tubs Ben. I've got a few calls into saddlery's: Smith Worthington, Duett, Trumbull Mtn, and Albion.

I'm going to likely spend a small fortune in shipping saddles back and forth to the east coast...which means less scratch to actually purchase the darn thing. Hopefully, though, we'll find something that works well for the both of us.

In the meantime, I guess I'll work on that 2013 goal of riding bareback...

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Thursday Can't Come Quickly Enough

Most things are well in Ben's world....except for.... OUR SADDLE(s). I discovered this problem a few weeks ago, and in 48 hours, hopefully we'll be closer to the solution.

But basically, the last 3 weeks have really sucked. I tried to widen our S-series saddle - that did nothing for the overall balance of the saddle, and it just made it move around every which way.

Then I tried making the KM Original cob work. That was also low in the back panels...and if i widened it, again, too wide in front. If i tried to shim it with my thinline shim pad- it became too narrow in front, but the overall balance from front to back got better.

The good thing is- Ben will tell me when he's not happy with something. The bad news is, if my S-series can't be made to work, I may be seriously screwed. I'm hoping this is not the case - it worked when I first got it. So hopefully the flocking just needs to be sorted out and we'll be good to go. if not...well, i don't even want to think about it, because I may puke all over the screen.

Okay worried rant over.