Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Thursday Can't Come Quickly Enough

Most things are well in Ben's world....except for.... OUR SADDLE(s). I discovered this problem a few weeks ago, and in 48 hours, hopefully we'll be closer to the solution.

But basically, the last 3 weeks have really sucked. I tried to widen our S-series saddle - that did nothing for the overall balance of the saddle, and it just made it move around every which way.

Then I tried making the KM Original cob work. That was also low in the back panels...and if i widened it, again, too wide in front. If i tried to shim it with my thinline shim pad- it became too narrow in front, but the overall balance from front to back got better.

The good thing is- Ben will tell me when he's not happy with something. The bad news is, if my S-series can't be made to work, I may be seriously screwed. I'm hoping this is not the case - it worked when I first got it. So hopefully the flocking just needs to be sorted out and we'll be good to go. if not...well, i don't even want to think about it, because I may puke all over the screen.

Okay worried rant over.

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