Sunday, March 24, 2013

How Am I Not Bald Yet?

From ripping out my hair in frustration. So while I thought our saddle woes were resolved, turns out they were resolved for 1 day and 1 day only.

So here we go again - trying to find a reasonably priced saddle for Tubs Ben. I've got a few calls into saddlery's: Smith Worthington, Duett, Trumbull Mtn, and Albion.

I'm going to likely spend a small fortune in shipping saddles back and forth to the east coast...which means less scratch to actually purchase the darn thing. Hopefully, though, we'll find something that works well for the both of us.

In the meantime, I guess I'll work on that 2013 goal of riding bareback...


  1. Have you been down to Ptld to check them out? There are quite a few saddles in the tack shops. We have three tack shops that all seem to have high dressage saddles (Glisan Street Saddlery, Side Saddle, and Gallops). They let you trail everything for three to five days. A car ride down here might be cheaper that shipping saddles around ;)

  2. Great idea- but I don't have enough time to make a couple of drives down and back, unfortunately. I'm going to be lucky if I can get to the local UPS store...bah :(

  3. I hear you!! Sometimes i don't even have time to check my mail box. If I justify ordering everything to my door I would. I am not looking forward to saddle stresses. Luckily I don't ride him much right now. My saddles just have to fit but they don't have to be perfect like they will once he is asked to work.