Thursday, February 24, 2011


Ugh- I am so sick of this week already! Why is it that whenever I formulate a plan, much like I did at the end of my last post, some outside force has to come in and destroy it? No, not just 1 day of destruction that may delay my plans, but a complete and utter stomping. Thout shalt not proceed.

I haven't been to the barn since Sunday. Monday and Tuesday were taken up by familial issues. Wednesday was snow that never actually materialized. Today I have to go to Sears for an appliance emergency.

Which means the earliest possible time I could be at the barn with my horses is Friday at around 6:30pm.

So all those things I said I wanted to do? Ya, you can just flush all that down the toilet.

We'll see what Friday and this weekend brings. (so as not to disturb the Schedule-Planner Gods) I *may* get in a few rides and I *may* get to do ground work with Ben. Maybe. Just Maybe.

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