Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Defeating the Tarp

So before our walk, I decided to let Ben loose in the arena for a bit to have a nice dry roll and buzz about- as right now the paddocks are so wet the horses really don't want to move around much.

Once in the arena, Ben definitely wanted to move around- he even played a bit. He had a few good rolls, too.

I set up a blue tarp at one end the arena, to see how curious Ben would be on his own. He kept his distance, and a few times came close to sniff it, then briskly walked away. He then avoided it for some time.

I took him back over, this time in the halter, and showed him how to put his hooves on the tarp, and even cross it. It was a great trust building exercise. Ben didn't offer much resistance- just a question or two and then he walked right over. Good Boy!

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