Sunday, February 6, 2011


I spent a lot of time with Ben on Saturday. He wanted to show everyone his new digs, so we made a quick video tour :)

Once that was done we went to the washrack and learned about standing still for our legs being hosed. He wasn't naughty- just a curious young horse who wanted to not stand still . I was able to see his leg injury better once his legs were hosed down. No one knows how he got this- but its older, and doesn't seem to bother him at all.

He also has a rather large popped splint on his right front- I didn't see that until his hair was sleek from the water. It doesn't appear to bother him, splints hardly ever do.

From there we went back to the arena and worked on our ground skills again. Guess what? Ben knows how to walk, trot, AND canter on the longe. On friday I was playing with him a bit to see what I could get out of him- and while he sped up at the trot, he never broke to canter at my cue. I just left it, because I knew I'd have to teach him and that moment wasn't the right time. But I tried again on Saturday and I got a few steps of canter about 4 times- 2 times in each direction. YAY Ben! Good boy. He got tons of praise and thought he was pretty hot stuff!

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