Saturday, April 27, 2013


My little spy, err, helper

Just one more day to go before Ben and I are back to work. As such its been kind of a lazy end to the week. Yesterday I had the day off and spent much of the afternoon up at the barn. I cleaned tack and organized my stuff, and also made a plan for this show we've signed up to go to.

I have his saddle and girth, and just went on a mini shopping spree to get the leathers and irons. I bought him a brown hunter bridle, bit and new shaped pad, too. He should at least sorta look the part!

For me, I plan on wearing some kind of jacket even though show clothes are not required. I figure if I'm going to go I may as well look the part too, and have a fighting chance of getting some decent pictures to share!

Hopefully my new goodies will come soon and I can ride him a few times in our new get up before the show. I do plan on braiding...which means I should probably tidy up his mane and get my braiding kit out and practice a few hunter braids...

So much to do!!

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