Monday, April 15, 2013

Happy Birthday, Ben!

Happy 5th Birthday, Ben!
Ben turns 5 years old today. This will be the third birthday I've been lucky to spend with him. His first one was just a few months post-adoption, he was just a gangly, wee thing.

Here are some pictures of Ben when he was first rescued, and then started under saddle. i remember following the J&M blog posts about this guy- his friendliness and rather quick start...these trail pictures were taken on Ben's second ride ever.

Love the sign in this picture! Pretty chill for being so green!
2nd ride ever, 1st ride out of the pen

First time with a saddle & bridle
 Fast forward to a few weeks ago...

I look forward to having a future with Ben...Happy Birthday to you, and many more!


  1. What a hunk he's turned into. Happy Birthday, Ben!

  2. Wow!! He's such a hunk a sexy horse flesh!! Dickie is gangly right now and it gives me hope that he will fill out. I can't remember, how much has been grown since three? As I recall it is quite a bit. I can't believe how calm your guy looks on the second ride. Dickie isn't worried about me being on his back but he is such a bundle of energy I feel like i am sitting on a keg of dynamite.

  3. Thanks! When I first got him, he was right between 15.1-15.2 Now he's 16.1hh. So yea, he's uhh...gotten bigger. Honestly, I do wish he would've stayed closer to 15.2-3!

    The thing about standies is that they've already had a TON of ground work, handling, and cart work. I just found out Ben raced a handful of times as a 2 yr old. So really, making the leap from cart to saddle is not a big deal at all. That, in addition to their naturally calm demeanor- well, make the standardbred a pretty incredible horse!