Friday, April 12, 2013

Not Very Motivated Lately But Big Changes Are Coming!

I'll admit, I've been in a bit of a slump. Ben's training has continued thanks to our lovely trainer. I'm riding pretty much 1-2x a week, and I really could do without it right now. Why, might you ask?

  • Saddle fit. I can't seem to find something that will work for us. I am on the hunt, but right now reduced to riding in an older Isabell, and it is just painful. Now might be a good time to work on my bareback goal...but...
  • Ben has turned into a hot house flower. It's spring so he's already a bit...uhm, bonkers, slightly naughty, and full of energy. He's super fit and a spooking machine. He's spent far too much time in our tiny indoor, cooped up all winter. His world needs to be opened up.
  • No show or outings planned. This time last year I was fairly certain I'd have my truck and trailer purchased in April 2013. Well, life took a few unexpected turns and that $ was needed elsewhere. So, yet another year being reliant on others. 
  • Our primary "other", my barn manager, is currently quite busy- planning our MOVE!!! Yes, we're moving. June 1st ~ish. To a lovely place, I might add. With a HUGE indoor arena, 3 outdoors, and direct access to trails. Just what we need - bigger space, many more options.

So, basically, I'm waiting for a few things to work themselves out. The move will really help with Ben's confidence, and we can work on a few things that require bigger spaces. Once we're settled and figure out the new routine, maybe we can plan for some shows later in the year. I'm hopefully going to have a saddle that works for both of us,  and once that is sorted out, I can start my truck & trailer fund again- for next year.

It looks to be a promising summer, no doubt. I'm not the patient type, and all this waiting is really getting to me. I just want to go into hibernation and wake up in a couple of months.

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