Friday, April 26, 2013

Pre-Show Tune Up

Another week in Boringville. Ben has been kinda off with a bruised hoof. He finally came sound, just in time for the weather to get nice and for his vet appointment during which he got his teeth done and sheath cleaned. Turns out his teeth were pretty dang sharp and caused sores in his mouth- poor dude! We were all kind of surprised- he was coming due, but still early.  I guess he's going to be one of those we have to check more often. So he's got until Monday off.

Come Monday he'll be back to work and just in time- because we finally have something to work torwards! In a couple of weeks we're going to an English/Western schooling show. It'll be good to get him out in a big open arena, which is the main driver for taking him. On the down side there is no cross-entry between walk/trot and walk/trot/canter classes so I can't really use one to warm up for the other. Oh well! Lets hope he'll want to behave himself and we'll have a great time :)

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