Thursday, May 2, 2013


Gaaaaah, Ben!!!

What am I going to do with this guy. We're now entering the warmer weather...and while that is horse decides its siesta time. Last night we had a lesson, and I could tell from the moment I got on that he had no power. Pretty much felt like he was shod with 500 lbs of cement on each hoof.

Within 5-10 minutes of warm up, he was a sweaty, huffing, puffing guy. It was kind of shocking because he's pretty dang fit, or so we thought. In the cooler temps, he's been very UP, very energetic, and very full of himself, to the point of being kind of naughty.

And now- he's tired, lazy, sweaty.

It is only May, and yesterday it was 68 degrees - not exactly a scorcher.The weather forecast for this weekend calls for temps in the mid to high 70's even reaching low 80's. I plan on riding this weekend so we'll see how he does. Maybe he just needs to adjust to working in the warmer temps. Or maybe he needs to relocate to Alaska! ;)

The next time our vet is out I'm going to ask if there is some medical concern I should be worried about since he changes so drastically.

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  1. We have been hitting the 80s and 90s here.. I thought it was spring and not summer eesh