Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Baby Steps

And so it goes. Its been a quiet week here - we've been busy organizing, packing, prepping for the move. In an attempt to dismantle my shelving unit in the tack room, it got pissed off and bit me.

On the riding front- not much has been going on. I've been trialing another saddle...the Enlightened Equitation FlexEE dressage saddle. Ben seems to really like it, I quite like it as well. The seat is very cushy. I'm not sure if I'd prefer the VSD more than the straight dressage - that is my only hang up right now. Plus it is synthetic, with a clarino seat. VERY sticky stuff....note Clarino on Clarino= rubber cement.

I've been breaking in my new boots- maiden ride was last night.  Holy OUCH Batman! LOL I could barely get on my horse, and once on I could barely ride. Plus new leather on a synthetic flap= SQUEAKAGE. It was so awful I ended up taking my stirrups off and doing no-stirrup work at all three gaits. Posting with no stirrups= much needed. Riding Ben with no stirrups= hilarious.

I've been trying to teach him to slow his trot down, taking smaller, baby steps. Not anything particularly dressagey - but just to take smaller steps - which are much easier to sit for one, and also it helps him keep his hind legs underneath him, as he has a tendency to let them fly out the back, which creates a huge bouncy gait - with a different rhythm in the front legs compared to the back ones. So last night we worked on it- small trot without breaking to walk, without breaking to pace. He kind of gets it- will definitely need to  keep working on this.

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