Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The Move is Complete

I edge the lawn for free
Ahh, finally-  the move is complete. After a bustling weekend of non-stop activity, we are finally settled in...somewhat. Still loads to be organized, routines to be established, but we'll happily do that.

Yesterday was our first ride in 2, yes 2 arenas. We started off in the indoor- the luxury of a 75 x 145 ft space was amazing. This is coming from we cave dwellers who spent the last year riding in a 60 x 100 ft box.

We quickly moved to the outdoor arena to take advantage of the gorgeous weather. I was a little concerned that Ben would have a harder time in that space...though it is longer (168 ft) it is narrower at 55 ft (odd sizes, yes I know)...but he was perfectly well balanced and we actually had some lovely canters in there, despite my worries.

I think we'll be happy here. Apart from the 2 arenas, we also have access to endless miles of trails right across the street.  We have big pastures and stalls connected to gravel paddocks, and 2 other sand lots that double as arenas/turnout spaces for the wetter months of the year.

In other news- the show this weekend is cancelled for us - we all realized we have a ton of unpacking and organizing to do - the thought of trying to find our show clothes and spend a day away from the new facility seemed a bit unrealistic. So instead we'll play in our new space- maybe even go explore the trails. Not to worry - the next show is in July, and then another in August- hopefully we'll be able to hit those up instead.


  1. Sounds like a great place! I hope you'll be really happy there.

  2. Always nice to have so many riding options! :)