Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Show Entry Dilemma

What to do, what to do...

Every year, I make it a point to attend the Safe a Forgotten Equine Benefit Show. It is a 3 day weekend of fun- all for a great cause. This year we're going again, but the schedule of events has changed, leaving me with a scheduling problem.

Last year, we were able to do our dressage tests on the first day, and our hunters on the second day. This worked out great.

However, this year, Ben and I are members of the Standardbred Performance Society, and are in the running for year-end awards. One of the rules though, is that you have to compete at least 3x in the division in order to be eligible.

We started off the year going to our first Open show, competing in mostly walk/trot classes. We're going again on July 13th. Which means, we could do the Open main ring classes at the SAFE show in August, and be eligible for a SPS Year End award for W/T and Showmanship. However, at the SAFE show, Dressage is happening on the same day as the Main ring English Open classes.

I really wanted to sneak in a couple of dressage classes this year. If I take the opportunity to do dressage at SAFE, then I am cutting into my earned points and eligibility for the SPS awards. I'm not sure I'll be able to make it to another English open show this year, and it is highly unlikely I'll make it to 2 additional dressage shows.

Yet, it just feels so wrong to not do any dressage tests all year, with my dressage horse. Part of me is really interested to see how we'll score in training level.

I've thought/ entertained trying to squeeze in both- and the SAFE show management said they will try to accommodate me- but no promises. So it could very well be that I'd miss some of my W/T classes for dressage. It is also highly likely that it will be warm out and my horse will not have enough stamina to do both, even if the scheduling worked out.

So...what to do? Forget about dressage this year and do the Open classes? Try to fit them both in? Focus on dressage and try to squeeze in some open classes if he has energy left?

On another note, Saturday the choice is easy between Western and Hunters. I only have a dressage saddle, so I guess I'll be doing the trot pole division in the hunter arena again this year :)

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  1. Sorry about the dilemma! D-:

    But on a happier note...I nominated you for a blog award! Come on over and check it out! :-) http://standardbredexcellence.blogspot.com/2013/06/blog-award.html