Thursday, June 6, 2013

Extended what? Oh, It's Happening!

Still ridin' high on Cloud No. 9 after last night's lesson on Ben. One of those moments I WISH I had got on camera.

Everything started off normal - suppling exercises at walk and trot. Bending,  this way and that- all routine stuff with Bennifer. Then we started our canter work, and it.was.amazing. So amazing that we decided, what the heck, lets try to do an exercise of extending and collecting the canter. OH.MY.GOODNESS. My boy can boogie! All he needed was some space!

It was so much fun, I had a huge smile on my face, and my heart swelled with such joy. I absolutely love this horse. He's got so much to give, and so willingly gives it- he'll die trying for his rider. He may not be the fanciest beast in all the land, but he sure is one of the kindest.

<3 Ben!


  1. Small space is hard on the younguns. They are always worried about getting balanced for the turn so they can't just relax and get into a rhythm. I you make a big leap in progress. I keep trying to show Dickie how much easier it is to carrying me in the big arena but he gets so distracted that I end up in te round pen. Can't wait to hear how things go.