Friday, May 10, 2013

Tracking...or Why the USPS is Stupid

what are we getting?
 This morning's frustration...the USPS. Seriously- if anyone is wondering how they can be doing so this. I purchased *something* from BC, Canada (more on what that something is next week). The fine folks of Canada post picked it up Tuesday afternoon, 3:50 pm- prepared to ship Expedited USA. By the next morning, Mr. Box made it all the way to Richmond, and checked in at 6:29 in the morning. By 8:58 am, the tracking was updated to say "International item has left Canada." Sweet! The next day, 5/9 at 8:00 am, the tracking was updated to say "International shipment has arrived in a foreign country." Alrighty...won't be long now!

Or will it? Because this morning I checked the status of my box on USPS (as instructed by Canada post) and guess where my package is? San Francisco! Uhmm overshot us by like 800 miles.

The irony...the original location of this box is a cool 5 hour 30 minute drive.

So this:


Is really this:

For now...who knows where else this wayward package will go!


  1. The USPS is the most useless business in existence.

  2. It was probably air traveled to a major distribution center in SF and it might actually be an Air Canada issue and not USPS. lol.

  3. Agree with Carly - there is a reason they are having financial problems right now!

  4. Just checked in this morning in maybe out for delivery tomorrow!