Saturday, June 23, 2012

Standardbred Bliss!

Best ride ever on Ben last night. Clearly because my trainer left some magic training dust on him - he was on his best behavior. The problem is that I know its not because of my riding. He was being good on autopilot, and I was just trying to not mess it up.

All the same, it was sooooo fun. We ran through elements of our upcoming training level tests, I actually got him down the centerline. His transitions were awesome, our canters were bloody fantastic. We cantered a lot. It was good for me to sit up there and just feel it, I feel like it made an impression on me- I now know how it feels for him to canter well and continuously, and now I can strive for that. Definitely was a mini-breakthrough.

When I got home I did my workout routine - the strengthening of my hips, back, shoulders and abs.  I was inspired by my ride, but mainly because I noticed that my legs have definitely lengthened- the 7th hole stretch isnt such a stretch anymore. It feels comfortable, and secure. At a walk. At the trot we have a ways to go.

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