Friday, June 29, 2012

Dress Rehersal

This is stupid

Haha, poor Ben.  Yesterday afternoon I got my ride times, which then spurred me to start making my "to do/to pack" list for Saturday. While compiling this list, I realized I didn't have a plan for grooming. Its a schooling show, and a laid back one, but yet, I do still want to look somewhat clean and polished. Because, if all else fails, at least we'll look respectable, if even pretty.  At that point, a mild panic set in, and to quell my fears, I figured I'd run up to the barn after work, do all the necessary clipping and also attempt to braid Ben's mane.

Ben was a good sport for his first time, though he kept shooting me this look as if to say he looks like a sissy. He'll get used to it.

So today all I have to worry about is packing, running through my tests on foot, and giving him a quick bath and we'll be good to go. My ride times tomorrow are 11:31 and 1:06 and the weather is predicted to be questionable- off and on showers with T-storms in the afternoon. I think tomorrow i will braid him in the morning and then fix which braids need fixing when we get to the show grounds, rather than waiting to do it at the grounds, just in case he proves to be a little wiggly there.

My nerves are surprisingly calm right now- I think I am more focused on what I need to pack vs the actual show.

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