Thursday, May 12, 2011

The Now

My plan is to one day look back on this blog and have an OMG before-and-after type reaction. And hopefully, our "after" picture is much better than our "before" picture. That said, I feel like I should at least document where we're at now.

Anyone who ever starts a horse knows what I'm talking about. Generally speaking, they are usually stiff, usually don't have the greatest movements- all of which is developed over a long stretch of time according to the training scale.

No better way to document than by pictures.

Currently - Ben is very stiff. While we have now established the "go" button - we have not yet gotten any sort of real rhythm, nor have we gotten any kind of softness.Which is ok. We'll get there- that takes time. Due to his shape and level of training- Ben is like riding a warped 2x4. In fact, at any given moment he looks and feels like any one of these, mainly the first one:

One great thing about Ben is that he canters. However, its not the greatest, most fluid thing in the world. In fact, he reminds me much of my favorite cartoon skunk friend, PepeLePew. While ground covering, we're not exactly the most fluid, beautiful movement in the world. More like a hop from place to place. Le Meow. Le Purr.

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