Sunday, May 8, 2011


I think Ben finally gets it- trotting means, well, trotting, but just keep going until the rider tells you to stop.
YAY go Ben!

And finally, today, i felt like I could actually do more then just hang the heck on. LOL I even posted with some rhythm, and was able to help him sorta balance. I didn't feel like either one of us was going to bite the dust.


I do, however, thing we'd greatly benefit from the use of a neck strap. I dont have any old stirrup leathers. Off to find something.

In other news- someone got his record-breaking-ear hair clipped today. Oh yes, and his front feathers. He was, as always, a good boy. He also stood completely still in the wash rack as I hosed his legs off.

Look Ma, No ear hair!


Methinks hes getting it!

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