Saturday, May 14, 2011


Wee Ben and I rode in a new saddle today, thanks to the saddle fitter coming out with a bunch of saddles. And OMG - the lushness that is the Kent & Masters dressage saddle. It is love.

Turns out its a pretty good fit for Ben, and very adjustable to accomodate his devloping body.

Turns out, my checkbook is a little lighter right now, cuz I just had to get one.

In 2 weeks we shall have our very own.

Back to the lesson- did some trot- took awhile to get the saddle, girth, irons right. But we did our trots, and started to teach him how to turn so we can begin to do big circles. My mantra-outside leg, outside rein, step inside. 1.2.3. I can do this. And once I got myself sorted- Ben figured it out.

And once I figured out how to sort my upper body out- Ben gave THE.BIGGEST.TROT.EVER. Said trot is completely suspended in air- it was so lofty I stopped him at first because I thought he was being naughty and doing something to evade the work. LOL

The funny part was- the more praise he got from our trainer- the bigger he went. LOL

I can tell you what- his stride is huge and thank goodness I have until 2nd level to post the trot! HAHAH

Needless to say- impressive, REALLY impressive.

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