Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Mysteries of Saddle Fit

As you know, we are getting a new saddle, as I've fallen completely out of love with my Prestige Galileo.

So while we wait for said new saddle to arrive from 6,000 miles away, Ben and I had been using a trial saddle. This one was slightly different, being the cob model and also made of partly synthetic bits.

At first I thought "oh my this looks like it fits him better than the other" which was fine, if even a bit exciting because then I could get 2 saddles! But  in the midst of all this joy, Ben started PACING under saddle. He hasn't paced since the day I met him. I had a suspicion that it was the saddle, perhaps it looked a bit too narrow after all. Or maybe it could be me, who is having extreme pain in my hip and groin. Maybe my body is interfering and sending an unintended cue.

Nevertheless, I changed the gullet to the MW and rode again. I got pacing, again. Of course, my own pain has not gotten much better.

So now I'm undecided because this particular model looks like it fits better, but he certainly didn't move as well in it. I am anxious now to get my saddle and see if he is more comfortable in that. Which would be strange, as it is by looks, not the better fitting of the two.

While we wait, I am taking a wee break from riding to address my very apparent medical issue. I have a massage therapy appointment next week, and in the mean time, am trying to learn some gentle stretches that will hopefully loosen up my lower limbs in the areas that matter.

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