Monday, October 7, 2013

Winner Winner....Sort of.

Finally! Ben was looking and moving okay- so I was able to actually SIT in the saddles I paid buckets to try on him.

Winner for the both of us- the Black Country Eloquence X. LOVED the seat on it, Ben moved really well in it. My test(s) - will he canter, and can I sit the trot - both passed with flying colors.

The only problem was that the saddle is much too small for me, i need more room in the seat and also for my femur to hang right and not jam up.

Lucky for me Trumbull Mountain has one in an 18.5" and a guess what is being shipped over for trial =) If all goes well I'm going to just settle on this one and be done with it.

Hooray! ...Until I have to seek out our next saddle...for jumping. Does it ever end?


  1. Woohoo! Hope it's the perfect fit :)

  2. Cross every finger and toe you have!

  3. I need to get motivated to do this, too! The vet is out today so hope to get some answers!