Friday, October 25, 2013

Saddles, Anyone?!

So, after a summer of saddle fitting fun for 3 horses, I am left with 5 to sell I can of course start saving for jumping saddles! LOL

That said... know anyone who might be interested in the following:

17.5" Wintec Isabell - FLOCKED, 2013 model. I cut off the stupid over-girth thing that is supposed to hold the flaps down, otherwise, in GREAT condition. $950
Wintec Pro Jump - brown fittings (see heritage below) included.

17.5" Wintec Pro Jump - CAIR panels...had hoped it would work for Ben, and too long for Finn. $450

Heritage Bespoke Olympia Monoflap- fittings not included
18" Heritage Bespoke Olympia Monoflap. Brand new, and pretty dang wide - gorgeous in so many ways, just not the right fit for my body. Very, very sad about this one.

Enlightened Equitation Flexee
18" Enlightened Equitation Flexee VSD - leather treed saddle. This one I'm on the fence about selling...but if it finds a home I won't be heartbroken.

18" HDR Austal. Pretty much brand new. Purchased for that little red gelding I had featured on my blog awhile ago. I was going to keep him, had found a saddle to suit his short back...and he sold to someone else. I haven't really talked about it on here as it doesn't involve Ben, but the situation was heartbreaking and now I have this leather reminder of life-gone-wrong sitting in my house.

I'm in the process of taking pictures, putting ads up, etc - but if any of these interests you, please let me know. Thanks!!


  1. Ugh, wish some of my stuff would sell. I would love to try the flexee. Know anybody looking for a collegiate diploma or classic dressage saddle with genesis tree? LOL!

  2. Well, I still have it if and when you are ready! =)

  3. Soooo I know this is from awhile ago..but do you still have your Heritage for sale? :) email me at peonyckw@gmail thanks!!