Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Getting Warmer...A Continuation of the Saddle Saga

Last week was a whirlwind- traveling across the country and back. When I got back, 2 more saddles awaited me - a Black Country Eloquence X and the Detente Luna. Both beautifully made saddles. Yum.

Sitting in them- if I could hybrid the 2, I'd be a happy camper. loved the Detente's angled thigh block and twist, however, the seat felt just a bit too shallow. LOVED the deep seat on the black country, but the twist was a bit wider, and I think overall I would need a larger seat size in this one- I felt pretty jammed, especially my femur.

I was able to sit them both up on Ben, and was immediately happy with the fit of both - from the gullet to the channel to the shape and surface area contact of the panels. Girthed up, both looked great.

However, that is as far as I was able to take it, because Mr. Ben is a lame :( I *think* he may have an abscess brewing, it is certainly that time of year. Unfortunately I can't get up to him until tomorrow to re-evaluate- but if he's still lame I will make an appt for him.

I was really hoping to be able to try out both of these saddles- but my trial period, even with an extension, may expire faster than he will get better. Best laid plans, right?!

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  1. Things I DON'T miss about owning a horse. 1. Vet bills 2. Saddle shopping.... I do miss horse smell, A LOT. Hope Ben feels better soon!!!