Wednesday, October 23, 2013

We Did It!

After a few more days of trialing, I decided to go ahead with the Black Country Eloquence X. Is it perfect? No - in a perfect world the seat would be smaller, and the flap would be a touch more forward rather than straight up and down. BUT - it is workable - moreso than anything else has been. The important thing is that Ben seems to be alright with this saddle- he has lots of freedom in his shoulder, and the saddle is not bouncing everywhere. The panels have nice contact with his back, it is level, and there is no pinching anywhere. For me- the twist is rideable- it is actually quite comfortable. I can sit in the saddle, I can rise out of it- and I feel balanced. SOLD.

Today is Ben's 1 week check up/ 2nd massage. We've been doing our exercises all week, with the exception of a few days I've been sick and at home. I don't know how much improvement the bodyworker will see, but I have seen quite a bit. His walk and trot are not so short strided in the front- he's got even reach from left to right. he no longer swings around to look at me when I'm brushing him or tacking him up. Yes, he still has crooked issues - esp to the right - definitely more to work on. But- it has gotten better.

So between the saddle and the massages- I'm poor. But hey, my horse is happy...

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  1. Happy horses are totally worth all the effort it takes to get them there! :)