Friday, April 22, 2011

More Fun

I don't know why I feel so compelled to write about my every interaction with Ben. I think I do it mostly because I enjoy looking back months or a year later, to see where we were. So onward I type.

Ben and I got to play a bit again today. He was VERY quiet on the ties- no ants in the pants. He was quiet for polowraps. Quiet for grooming.

He was pretty good for bridling too. We're still not 100% there, but he is MUCH better about it. It will just take more practice over time.

Longeing- he had energy- trot trot trot and he wanted to canter a bit. When he wants to canter, I let him canter, and I praise him for it, and we work on it- trot to canter transitions, keeping the canter once he has it, etc. However, if I get the feeling that it won't be a good canter day, I dont even bother asking. His canter is of no concern to me right now, its more just the commands, and the balance, at the trot, that I am looking for.

He did get pretty dang sweaty- he was overhearing a round penning session- the whip cracking in there got him amped up a bit. He continued to listen to me, but he'd get distracted by that- snorting the whole time.

By the end his friends came in the arena too- so we got to cool out with them.

I think this weekend I'm going to try riding him again, if I can find the saddle/girth combo that will work. I have some ideas, and I'm itching to try those. But no promises, because I generallly dont ride horses with ill fitting tack- just not worth it.

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