Wednesday, April 20, 2011


I worked Ben last night. He was super fidgety on the ties- mostly because people were coming in and out and well, THAT is exciting, right?! He just had to keep his eyes on that.

He got wrapped up with polos and off to longe we went. He was really good, albeit a bit energetic! He petered out pretty quickly though, just in time to share the arena with his friends.

We hung out watching other horses longe and be ridden, and then stood him in a line, as if he were at a show. He was fidgety at first- mostly wanting to go say "hi" to the others, but he settled after a couple of corrections. Then he decided he wanted to roll, which also required corrections, LOL. Finally he got the idea that he needed to just stand there.

Probably the funniest moment of the night was asking him to walk over poles laying on the ground. Did you know trotting poles eat tall, bay standardbred geldings? Neither did I. The best part was that after he had his first snort at the poles, he did not hesitate to go over them- though he did SAIL over them from a dead stop. Like a deer. LOL. Turned around and did the same exact thing the other direction. Oh Ben. After I got over my laughter, we actually worked on it, and by the 4th time he realized that the poles won't take off his legs or chomp his belly- so he was able to walk over them quietly.

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