Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Official Measure

One thing is quite constant with Ben- his ability to hoover down food like he hasn't eaten in years. I know this is not true- but knowing how much he eats, you'd think he has a problem.

Well yesterday, I found that "problem".... Ben, as I suspected, is growing. He goes through these really awkward stages of looking lanky and young, then bulks up and begins to look like a mature horse. Well, we've been in one of those lanky stages. He's been getting so much food- I only had to assume he's using it some how.

Yesterday I brought out my measuring stick...and boy has been grown. When Ben came home, he was 15.2 hh(the 62" mark on the stick). Now, as you can see, he is just under 16- only 1/2" to go. 11/2 inches in height is pretty significant for a 3 year old.

In addition, I found someone on a local message board who knows standardbreds, particularly Ben's line, and was told they are late to mature and usually stop at around 5 or 6.

Ben is 3. We have a few years to go :)

1 comment:

  1. Fiddle stopped growing at age 7. She's only 15.3 hands, but I am only 15.2 hands and beside me she looks ENORMOUS!