Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Not Much Happening in Ben's World

Sorry this blog has been a bit quiet. Ben is going through (another) growing phase - so I've been letting him be a horse out in the pasture with my girls. He does get occasional ground work and longeing session. Nothing really new to announce. He's doing well. He's sound. He's big. He's shiny. He's a total love bug.

Yesterday I took him out because he was giving me the "Laser Eyes" as I took each horse out and worked them. Ok Fine, Ben, you can have a session too. He proudly stood in the grooming bay, got all prettied up including getting his ears and bridle path clipped again, then I took him out on the longe. I was surprised to see his canter developed since the last time we tried, which was a few weeks ago, I think.  Its still not pretty- but he will pick it up, and keep it, and not get all nervous about it. His balance is improving. Good boy.

I don't have any new plans for him as it stands- just letting him grow up and physically mature. I will take him for rides here and there, but nothing strenuous or serious.We'll leave all of that for when his body has finally evened out.

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