Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Post Office = Evil

Well, I've run into my first snag. Its not even a big snag, just an annoying one.

It is: the United States Postal Service.

Maybe I'm just oblivious because I hardly use the post office- but they absolutely SHOCKED me yesterday.

I went in with the full intention of mailing the checks for Danney's adoption and vet work in some expidited fashion. Little did I know that First Class mail would cost a whopping $0.75 and get there between 5-10 business days,  and then the next available service, I believe it was some sort of tracking and there in 3 business days was $35.00 !!! Oh yes and I could get it there in one business day complete with tracking for $40.

I stood there- completely overwhelmed, hardly able to comprehend what I had just heard. Then I got angry. So I posted the 1 small envelope at the $0.75 rate and called it good. This may delay actually getting Danney- but I couldn't bear to give the postal service that kind of money. Heck, I'd rather have paid PayPal fees and gotten the $ instantly to the Rescue.

Lesson Learned.

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