Sunday, January 23, 2011


So, Amy, the J & M coordinator/volunteer extraordinaire for J & M was able to read Dansey's freeze brand, and subsequently, find out who he really is. (eternally thankful! YOU ROCK!)

Here is her post:

Our boy is Conceptionbydesign- the son of a $1.7M winner, Grinfromeartoear. In general, he's got an awesome pedigree with lots of $ winners (daddy), harness racing horse of the year (grand-daddy), Hall of Famer's (grand-dad on Mom's side).

His full pedigree is here:

Our boy is also quite young- not even 3 yet. His birthday is April 14th, 2008. I'm glad to know this as I can tailor his training and development to that of a young 3 year old.

It always amazes me how horses like him fall through the cracks and end up at auction.

I'm also wondering if a name change is in order. His name at J & M is "Dansey", which I like, but I can see people making fun of him, which is why I changed it to Danney. However, now I know his registered name. I'm contemplating "Desi" too. I guess I'm going to wait until I meet him and see his personality. Maybe it'll be none of these and something else.

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