Friday, January 18, 2013

Not Much to Write About

I've been slow on the posting here...I guess it can be attributed to the January slump. We're in a bit of a cold snap - so the previously wet muddy ground is frozen, making it a huge hazard to our horses- everyone has been stalled with arena turn out/ free longeing time.

Despite being cooped up, Ben has been in really good spirits - the change doesn't seem to bother him much at all. I've been riding regularly - things have been going well. Ben's trot is getting really really nice. I've even been playing with sitting trot. First 5 strides then 10 then 20. Our right lead canter has been quite nice as well. Our previously awesome left lead canter has been, shall we say, less nice.

In my lesson last night trainer had me work on getting him super straight, and to try to keep his neck still, while bending his back. Ben's latest is that he'd rather be wiggly in the neck than move his back- softening that back is the hardest thing for him - but once he gets it, he's good, just a matter of finding the right key.

The trot work was coming along well, and so we moved to canter. Initially the left lead was not great. He wants to bulge his barrel against my left leg and zoom around. But our trot work helped, and so did me fixing my rein length....der. So we did a bunch of canter, and then focused on canter to walk transitions, then back up to canter. Those went splendidly, so then on to stretchy trot and calling it a good day.

And a good day it was :)

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