Sunday, November 18, 2012


Ben had his first body work session today! Our friend Corinne did some work on the young chap. She uses a lot of light touches and gentle releases. It was VERY interesting to see Ben's reaction to this level of work. At first he wanted to scoot away, but soon quieted down, and then got really into it. He looked as if he was falling asleep, but yet had these twitches going on, as if little electrical currents were shooting through his body up to his head and neck.

Corinne was able to do some great stuff on his hind end, but when it came time to address his shoulders and neck, he was less interested in participating. So instead she focused back on relaxing him by addressing the back end again, and then ended the session. Next week we'll try again.

This session was the first of 4 total sessions that will happen on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. From there, we'll see what kind of maintenance schedule is needed.

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