Friday, November 9, 2012

Are YOU Prepared?

Last night's lesson was brutal - not because of the work we did (which was awesome- our 10m circles are coming along quite well!), but because of the cold! At 7:30 pm, it was 37 degrees.

A couple of months ago, I went into PANIC mode, feeling quite unprepared for the cold wet winter months ahead. And so I went on a bit of a shopping spree.

For me- I purchased 3 different winter breeches. Horze Grand Prix soft shell (at 50% off), Tropical Rider Toasties Lite w/ Clarino, and Kerrits Sit Tight and Warm. I also bought Ariat Bromont winter boots. I didn't stop there. For my hands, I decided to try the Roeckl Winter Chester gloves. I went on a binge at Costco - I bought a box of those hand warmers, merino blend socks, and merino mix under garmets for base layering. For jackets I bought 2 Columbia jackets- an Omni heat soft shell (great for riding), and an Omni Heat winter jacket to wear around the barn while tacking up, etc.

For my horses- a couple new sheets, new fleeces, and quarter sheets.

Overkill, eh? I suspect so. But I absolutely refuse to be cold this winter. You East Coasters will laugh - rarely does it ever dip below 30 - I'd say we get in total about a week or 2 of lower than 30 temps. But that bone chilling rain - man sometimes I think 34 and rain is way worse, even indoors. Everything is damp, and COLD.

I refuse to be cold.



  1. I want to hear how the various garments work for you. I'm not a big fan of Columbia stuff for WET weather (which is what we have here in the Swamp, mostly) b/c their stuff is mostly water RESISTANT. But really good-looking. I have several Columbia jackets for "in town" days!

    I'm esp interested in the Toasties. I've got enough polarfleece breeks to last through the winter (knock wood), but next year I'll be shopping again, and I like their lightweight stuff.

  2. Not that it has gotten very cold yet...but so far...

    I LOVE my Kerrits Sit Tight & Warm breeches. They have just the right amount of stick on a rather bouncy standie, without making me feel like I am stuck.

    They are quite warm. So are my ariat boots. I hope they hold up, I've not had much luck in that department when it comes to Ariat. Much less bulky than mountain horse, and I can walk around in them. Lovely.

    Columbia Jackets w/ Omni heat are also quite warm.

    Really I havent been cold yet - even after a sweat inducing ride. So far all is good!

    In the coming weeks i will try my Horze winter breeches and the toasties. But I already know I want another pair of the Kerrits!