Thursday, October 4, 2012

Another Happy Update

Wow, things are suddenly going well again, and a big jump in progress has been made. Funny how that happens.

After our great ride on Sunday, Trainer rode him out on the track 2 days in a row and did about a  bazillion transitions, mostly to canter, on bending lines - shallow serpentines.

As a result, my ride yesterday was awesome. His trot has shown great improvement-  right from the start - no wonky warm up. It was great- upright, balanced, rhythmic, with impulsion and best of all - easy to ride.

Our canter work was alright too. We're getting better. We did work over trot poles and added canter between the sets- it was good.We really have to work on getting better balance at the canter- slow it down without losing the rhythm or impulsion, or breaking to trot. Its a fine line right now, and one I am not very well in control of. Ha!

It felt really good to be on the same page as my horse. Phew.

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