Thursday, September 6, 2012

When You Want to Quit...

It's been 12 days since I've last ridden my horse. What started as giving him a couple days off to recover from our totally awesome beach camping adventure turned into a friend-crisis which called me away from my horse habit for a few days. Not that I had the time to get to the barn - with the Evergreen State Fair traffic clogging up 522 & US2, not to mention the really annoying road closure just before our barn, I also didn't feel much like riding anyway.

Never fear, though, my fabulous trainer is still putting rides on Ben. She rode him 3 times last week, and 2 so far this week. Last night I heard that he's been absolutely FABULOUS. She's been doing so much with him, and even working on sitting trot. He's just fantastic.

Yay - right? Well, sorta. It totally guts me to hear how wonderful these rides are going because....I haven't ridden him! She's not having to repair constant damage I put on my horse when I ride him. Its very clear that my problem with my horse is...well... ME.

This doesn't exactly inspire me to climb back on because now I feel terrible. I'm confusing my wonderfully good natured 4 yr old. He'd be better off just having someone with a clue, aka the trainer, ride him.

Maybe I should just not ever ride him again and sell him to someone who can ride better than me. Doesn't he deserve that kindness?


  1. Awww, don't think like that! So what if it takes you longer to teach him something! (And I am saying this as an adult amateur who takes 10000x as long to teach my mares anything that I *know* my instructor could do in one ride or two.) You are doing a great job with him. He is only four. Horses are patient with us. And the best training advice I ever received was TIME. TIME. And MORE TIME...with lots of patience. Hang in there. And carve out time to go ride! :-)

  2. He loves you so much! We all have those days. It's okay, and I think you two look awesome together!!