Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Its the Small Things...

Ben is a pretty laid back guy. For a four year old, he could be spectacularly naughty, but he just isn't. he's a cuddly, fun horse to be with.

Except when you need to dress his hooves.

Seriously, of all the things that could bother a horse- sprays, mane pulling, baths, etc...the one thing Ben has objected to is hoof dressing.

I'm not normally one for foofy things, but I've been experimenting with Keratex hoof hardener this summer in an attempt to see if I can help Ben keep his shoes for the full cycle.

Trying to paint this horse's hooves has been ridiculously difficult.

And finally, a couple of days ago, he just let it go, and has been fine ever since.


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