Sunday, March 27, 2011

Totally Unprepared for Today

This weekend was so much fun! On Saturday, I went up to Vancouver, BC to see Cavalia for the 2nd time- first time was about 5-6 years ago. It was awesome- even hubby loved it. Definitely reinspired me to get on the ball with my horses- they are (and I am) capable of doing much more than we are currently doing.

With that thought in mind, today, I got to the barn early, helped clean stalls (love doing barn chores!) and made up grain bags for the week. Note to self: must go to the feed store on Saturday!

From there I hand-walked my mare, Piper, for about 45 minutes.

That, unfortunately, re-triggered my hip problem. I thought it was healed, or close to it. Dang it. So I took 1 tylenol and that seemed to numb the pain enough for me to continue on my way. I think I am going to splurge on a joint supplement or something to see if that works- I ought to try, I'm going to get an ulcer with all the ibuprophen i've been taking.

Next up was Ben. I set him up in the round pen as a lesson was going on in the arena. He got to do his thing while I gathered my tack, boots, helmet, longe line, brushes, etc. I got in there and after a quick groom got him saddled up and sent him off on the longe. He got sweaty really quickly- very out of shape and very, very hairy. The air is mildish, so its just not a good combination for the poor guy right now.

It soon dawned on me that i took the wrong bridle, and I forgot my stirrups for my saddle. So I had a sweaty horse and missing tack and an aching hip...I took that as a sign to call it a day. We went for a long, slow (for my sake) cool-down walk in the arena and outside.

Through all this Ben was a good sport. I appreciate it, bud!

I hope to continue on tomorrow- I really need to get this guy going, in some capacity. The good news is that I found my stirrups and bridle in the tack room, so I'm ready for the week. LOL

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