Thursday, March 24, 2011

Special Visitor

Ben had a special visitor today! My friend Nancy has family in town from Tennessee. Her young nephew (4?) from the moment he could communicate, expressed his deep love an interest for animals, especially horses.

Today was the first day he got to meet one up close- and that very first horse was Ben!

Fearless, this little half pint walked right up to Big Ben and proclaimed "His Nose is HUGE!!!" He touched his legs, and hooves and was amazed. I found the mounting block and let him get closer up to Ben that way- he laid his head on Ben's side, stretched out his arms and gave him a big hug while saying  "he's so warm and nice!"

This little guy is a horseman in the making. And thanks to Ben & the other horses at our barn, he had a fantastic first outing. Thanks, Ben!!

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