Monday, July 25, 2016

Are We Ready? Roller Coaster of Daily Changes

Maybe I should start blogging every day to keep up with the constant shift of Ben's development.  The latest and greatest is that on Thursday last week, Ben was a bit sore on his right front - he was unwilling to have a clean jumpy canter transition. The overall quality was not so good. So then investigating the trot work, we could immediately see the same issue at the trot. Quickly called it a day, and he had Friday off. We think he likely tweaked something when he "played Arabian" out in his field. A photoshoot was happening for another horse and Ben was certain it was he that needed to flag his tail and run around like a turkey - for far longer than called for, I might add.

On Saturday, he was feeling much better. Ride was short and sweet but clear canter transitions and decent leg yields. Sunday was even better. Today and Wednesday he has off.

On Friday this week we leave for our annual Benefit Show. Ben didn't go last year, or the year prior due to his nose issue and lay up time. But he's back for the 10th anniversary show :) I'm super excited because the show is being held at a newer venue and the footing is supposed to be divine. Plus, it is only a short drive from home which means I don't have to camp and be stinky all weekend!

On Saturday we've got a long day of main ring flat classes - halter, showmanship, walk/trot and walk/trot canter, and trail classes. Crazy, I can take my standardbred in the canter classes now (or so I think, LOL)! He's even signed up for Advanced English Pleasure. I'm not entirely sure that he'll be fit enough to endure all the classes I signed up for, so I will likely pick and choose a couple to scratch from.

Sunday is Dressage. We're signed up to do 1-1 and 1-2. I was hoping to be ready for 1-3, and I think we could probably squeak it out but he's going to be a tired lil' Standardbred. So we're keeping it to the first 2 tests in the level.

Oh...and did I mention we're also doing the costume class on Saturday night? Yes folks, be prepared for some fun pictures!

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