Thursday, July 25, 2013

Getting Over Myself - The Plan

Okay, enough whining from me, my vent is over. Time to buckle down and plan to make the most of the next 10 days. Okay, so here is the plan. Strapped on the big girl pants and ready to rock.

  • Wednesday 7/24= Ride
  • Thursday 7/25= Lesson
  • Friday 7/26= Trainer ride AM, PM "hunter" ride (try out the borrowed saddle)
  • Saturday 7/27= OFF
  • Sunday 7/28 = Ride - trails? Maybe...
  •  Monday 7/29= Ride
  •  Tuesday7/30= OFF
  • Wednesday 7/31= Ride or Lesson
  • Thurs 8/1= AM Training Ride? PM Ride or Lesson
  • Friday 8/2= AM Training Ride? Haul down to show, evening hack around facility
  • Saturday 8/3= Show hunters (4 w/t classes)
  • Sunday 8/4= Show Dressage T2 & T3, and a handful of flat hunt seat classes
  • Monday= OFF
  • Tuesday= OFF
  • Wednesday = Ride/lesson
  • Thursday= Ride/lesson
  • Friday= Ride
  • Saturday= W/T show
  •  Sunday= Rejoice that its over!
Okay phew, already feeling better that I have a plan. I'm also feeling better that I'm able to snag some time from my trainer. I have no idea if the training rides/lessons will happen beyond what is scheduled for this week. I'm holding out hope, though, and will adjust  our schedule as necessary to make it work.

Our ride last night, generally speaking, was better than Monday's - however, some things have gotten sloppy- mainly transitions. So we did a ton of them. The other thing that worries me is the right lead canter. It tends to ebb and flow in terms of quality, but lately we're more on an "ebb" than "flow". Everything about it sucks- the transition he throws his head, he's leaning into my leg, pushing his inside shoulder in, almost looks counter-bent, and when I try to correct it, he just wants to go faster because he's losing his balance.

Part of the issue, I think, is that he's been VERY spooky going to the right in our indoor arena. There is one scary end/corner, and he definitely changes as he approaches it. I could care less about it because his spooks are not a big deal - what is annoying though is that he loses the suppleness, and wants to go around counter-bent...just in case the monster shows its face. 

I'm relieved to have a lesson scheduled for tonight. Maybe with instruction I can crack this. And then Friday's ride in the borrowed saddle will be outside.

Last night I also pulled out some poles - made one "fence" (pole on the ground between 2 blocks), and another flat pole just on the ground.  I used them for trotting over and cantering. I will say- cantering over the pole really did help, once he got the hang of it.