Thursday, July 5, 2012

Show Day Part 2: The Warm Up

So after a long morning of controlling the beast, it was time to tack up and head to the warm up arena.

I was getting a bit nervous - after watching Ben's antics on the ground, did I really want to experience all of that in the saddle? Uhhh no, of course I didn't.

But I did.

And much to my surprise- the moment the tack went on, Ben's perspective on showing changed. He became the cool, easy going dude I know and love.

So up to the arena we went, and I climbed aboard. The first thing I noticed was how incredibly tired he felt. Must've been all that walking and wigging out for 2 hours.

I didn't do much by way of warm up - a little bit of trot, a little bit of canter, a little bit of transition work and making turns down the center line.

And then, we were ready...

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